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King Prawn Bhuna

31. March, 2012


King Prawn cooked with medium hot spices and fresh tomatoes, onions and thickened rich paste.


Bhuna’s origins can be traced to the Bengal area of northeast India and western Bangladesh. This method of cooking spices was originally used in preparing meals for Indian rulers and aristocrats. Over time, the technique “trickled down” to the rest of Bengali society, and bhuna became a popular dish among both monarchs and commoners alike.

As Westerners have become increasingly familiar with South Asian culture and cuisine, bhuna’s popularity has spread far beyond Indian shores. It has become a familiar feature on the menus of Indian restaurants in the US and in parts of Europe, particularly the countries of the United Kingdom.

These restaurants commonly serve it with a side of pilau rice, sometimes including warm, flat naan bread for dipping. Most will prepare the dish using the diner’s choice of meat and are willing to adjust its level of spiciness to suit the palates of those unused to the strong seasonings common to Indian cuisine.

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