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Onion Bhaji

31. March, 2012


One of our most popular recipes – Onion Bhajis are spiced and crispy deep-fried onions, and generally eaten as a starter or snack.

History (background):

Bhajiya also called as pakoda in Hindi is famous in north and south India. In Hyderabad people call onion Bhaji as pakodi. Pakodi are made with onions, they are more delicious. Onion Bhaji is an entirely different snack, which totally reduces the hunger. It’s an easy preparation food; you need onions and gram flour to prepare it.

You can eat it with food, or eat it as a snack. Most of the cooking beginners start their recipe preparation with onion Bhaji. Onion Bhaji is not only popular in India, its also popular in other countries. UK people love Indian food, their favorite snack is onion Bhaji. Onion Bhaji can be prepared with round onions or chopped onions. Onion Bhaji can be prepared with red gram flour and wheat flour. It’s good to use double refined groundnut oil while preparing onion Bhaji. Sunflower refined oil can also be used. There will be a variation in pakodi taste if sunflower oil is used.

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